Sirius 4.1 is Out! What's inside?

Posted by Mélanie Bats on October 28, 2016

That’s too sad! EclipseCon Europe finished yesterday.

It was again a great conference, with inspiring talks and excellent discussions with different members of the Eclipse community. These moments with our community are motivating us to prepare the future of Eclipse Sirius.

So what’s next? What would we cook for you in Eclipse Oxygen?


As we already said in our talk, we are already preparing the future with Sirius 4.1 when we introduce the DRepresentationDescriptor. This internal change has no impact on normal users: it was made as a first step to prepare for better scalability down the road. For specifiers and developers who wrote code that depends on the internal organisation of the *.aird files, you may need to adapt your code.

To learn more about the Sirius roadmap, be sure to not missed Cedric’s talk at SiriusCon.

I will also give a talk with Stéphane specifically about the Properties view feature, we will detail what’s possible with this new feature:

  • Let Sirius automatically create default properties views for your designer

  • Create a simple properties view description and customize it as you do for other types of representations thanks to the following widgets: label, text, text area, checkbox, radio, list, reference

  • Use the new EMF.Edit customizations provided by Sirius

  • Discover the power of the dynamic mappings to automatically create the properties view fields for the different types of elements used in your metamodels

  • Understand how to provide filters and validation programmatically

  • Learn how to contribute some custom widgets

And much more!

Do not look for excuses, SiriusCon is where you have to be if you are interested in graphical modeling: easy to come as it will be held in Paris near the tour Eiffel, it’s a one day event, and it’s free. The program promises to be interesting with talks about case studies on the morning, technical sessions by the afternoon and a clinic all the day.

I am counting on you being there on November 15th and I hope to see you soon at SiriusCon!