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Sirius 4.0 Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Posted by Mélanie Bats on June 6, 2016

Properties View
My previous post illustrates The Power of One framework to define graphical designers and property views: Eclipse Sirius 4.0. It shows how to get property views for your designer as fast as a thunderbolt!
During the last year, the Sirius team worked on two versions of Sirius the 3.1 and the 4.0. In the following days I will detail all the new features coming in Sirius, since the release of Eclipse Mars, that are included in Eclipse Neon.

The Sirius project is very active with 10 committers working full time during this past year. We did around 900 commits and fixed 84 bugs. Since the Mars release, more than 1100 posts were made in the Sirius forum: there is a vibrant community around Sirius.

In this new release we introduce a significant feature with the properties view description but we are also preparing the future with a small change.

Metamodel warning

Starting with Sirius 4.0, a warning appears if the specifier does not define explicitly its metamodel on a representation description. This is a first step and in the future, specifying the metamodel will become mandatory which will allow us to give more precise feedback to specifiers resulting in more robust modelers.

To catch all the new features coming with Sirius 4.0 come to our talk at EclipseCon France! Another chance for you to join the Sirius community, SiriusCon will occur in Paris the 15th November 2016. Be sure to save the date!