Keyboard shortcuts

Posted by Mélanie Bats on April 7, 2015

Usually when you are using a graphical modeler, you do most of the actions with the mouse. Sirius based modelers have several built-in shortcut keys that you can use to save time in your day to day workflow. Shortcut keys are commonly accessed by using the key, key, or key in conjunction with other keys.

  1. Keyboards shortcuts
    1. Common shortcuts
    2. Diagram shortcuts
      1. Navigate
      2. Select
      3. Edit
      4. Diagram editor
      5. Palette
    3. Table & Tree shortcuts

Common shortcuts

Some shortcuts are available for all the representations (diagram, table, tree…).

Action Shortcut Description
Refresh Force an update of the diagram according to the latest version of the semantic model.
Copy semantic element + On Mac : +
Paste semantic element + On Mac : +
Copy layout + + + See Sirius copy/paste layout documentation.
Paste layout + + + See Sirius copy/paste layout documentation.
Hide element + See Sirius hide elements documentation.
Hide label + See Sirius hide labels documentation. On Mac : +
Show label + + On Mac : + +
Move shape
Cycle on element handles Cycle on Position Handle / 8 Side and Corner Size Handles / Position Handle. Clockwise rotation.
Cycle through edge points Cycle through the endpoints, bendpoints, and midpoints of a connection. Clockwise rotation.
Manage edge + + Remove all the bend-points to retrieve an original straight edge. See Sirius manage edge documentation. On Mac : + +
Move a component + Cycle once to the Move handle using the period key (.), use navigation keys to move, press Enter to accept new location or press Escape to cancel the move.
Constrained move + This action constrained the move by snaping the shape to the grid.
Move without snap + This action allows to ignore the snap while dragging a shape. On Mac : +
Resize a component + Resize Cycle to desired resize handle using the period key, use navigation keys to resize, press Enter to accept new size or press Escape to cancel the resize.
Centered resize + Expands the shape on both opposite sides. See Sirius resize elements documentation. On Mac : +
Resize that keeps the ratio + See Sirius resize elements documentation.
Resize without snap + Temporarily disables the snap during the resize if it is activated. See Sirius resize elements documentation. On Mac : +
Resize container keeping children relative + When the shape is resized using the left and/or top border, the children (contained nodes for container and border nodes for all shapes) are moved with the border. See Sirius resize elements documentation.
Reset diagram + The diagram can have a negative origin or can be shifted toward the bottom-right with a blank zone at the top-left. This action aims to move all diagram elements to retrieve its origin while keeping the element layout. See Sirius reset diagram documentation. On Mac : +


Keyboard shortcuts save you time by letting you explore the palette quickly.

Action Shortcut Description
Zoom in +
Zoom out +
Pan when zoomed in + Hold down spacebar and drag the mouse
Scroll in diagram + +
Invokes the context menu for the shape +

Table & Tree shortcuts

Some specific key shortcuts are also available on tables and trees.

Action Shortcut
Expand direct children
Collapse or
Expand all children

Use keyboard shortcuts and increase your productivity!

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