UML Designer 7.0

UML Designer 7.0 is out. This new release is based on Eclipse Sirius 4.0 and Eclipse Neon.

It provides plenty of brand new features:

  • Bi-directional link with editor (#523)
  • New dashboard based on the Activity Explorer from Amalgam (#827)
  • Class diagram:
    • represent abstract element in italic (#758)
    • represent static element underlined (#363)
    • view the qualified name of a class in the tooltip (#851)
    • stabilize association class (#856#854#857),
    • support N-ary association (#850#855#853)
    • support qualifiers on association ends (#434)
  • State machine diagram: orthogonal regions re-implemented by using the Sirius compartment feature (#125)
  • Activity diagram: optional body layer (#757#846) and some bug fixes (#865)
  • Sequence diagram: clean & reorder the palette (#858)
  • Use case diagram: handle non human actor (#46)

All closed issues are available on

Try it and download it on:

EclipseCon North America 2013 Submissions

I submitted two talks for EclipseCon North America 2013 :

This conference will take place this year in Boston on March 25-28 2013.

EclipseCon Europe 2012 Submissions

I proposed two talks for the EclipseCon Europe 2012.
The first one is dedicated to System Engeneering to demonstrate how to build a custom workbench based on Eclipse modeling software constellation:
I have also posted a talk on Buildroot Toolchain Eclipse Plugin for which I will give details soon :

The EclipseCon Europe will take place from October 23rd to October 25th 2012 in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

EDT2012 – Timing Behaviours and EMF models : just married !

My first talk in Eclipse community will occur on next thursday at the Eclipse Day Toulouse 2012 : Timing Behaviors and EMF models : just married ! I will present with Frédéric Mallet from the Inria, the results of the collaborative project RT-Simex. RT-Simex is an ANR project which purpose was to improve tools for RT embedded software and time constrained systems. 6 industrial & academics partners worked on this project during 3 years.
I made the slides with Prezi which is a really sexy/easy tool. Big drawbacks, it’s available mainly for windows and if you want to use it from Linux, you have to use the online creator. Then if you want to run the flash presentation offline, one solution is to use wine (too buggy as full screen does not work) or to install the Prezi Player. You can find this useful application on github. Conclusion, next time I will give its chance to Sozi, the free software equivalent which is an Inkscape extension.
Back to the presentation itself, you can find the slides on and as it should be filmed soon maybe the video.
If you are in the Toulouse area next week do not hesitate, the EDT2012 subscription are opened until monday evening.
Then see you there!