Release 1.0.0 of the Buildroot/Eclipse integration

We are proud to announce today the first release of the
Buildroot/Eclipse integration. This integration will make it easier
for Eclipse users to develop, build, and debug applications in the
context of embedded Linux systems generated with Buildroot.

This integration allows Eclipse to:

  • Automatically discover the toolchain made available by each of the
    Buildroot project on your machine.
  • Automatically build your application or library in Eclipse using
    the cross-compiler of a given Buildroot project. Eclipse also
    automatically recognizes all the cross-compiled libraries that are
    exposed through pkg-config, so that linking your application
    against one or several of those libraries is just a matter of
    selecting them in a list.
  • Automatically copy your compiled application to the target and
    execute it, directly from Eclipse, with just one click on the “Run”
  • Automatically start a remote debugging session, directly from
    Eclipse, with just one click on the “Debug” button.
  • Explore the target filesystem from Eclipse, get access to a shell
    on the target (using SSH).

More details on the project home page on github.